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Jubilant & Joyful Group

Jubilant & Joyful Group is a team representing Financial Alliance Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest independent financial advisory firm. As of 2018, it has more than 300 representatives and $500 million assets under advice. Ever since its establishment 16 years ago, Financial Alliance has been devoted to quietly but steadfastly serving their ever-growing base of clients who demand unbiased financial advice.

Financial Alliance has zero sales quota imposed by any insurance or asset management company and does not favour any financial product, be it from an insurance company or from an asset management company. Our focus is and must always be on the clients’ needs. As a result, Financial Alliance now has 70,000 clients to-date who have benefited from the impartial advice and comprehensive financial planning services that are aligned to their interests.

Our Mission – Your Success

Being aware of the literacy challenges most clients face, we are able to compress and simplify the entire financial planning process to that which is so easy to understand while being able to map out ALL the financial needs of our clients.

Our focus is always to understand and listen to our clients’ needs. Only then can we know their problems and custom make the solutions.

Here at Jubilant & Joyful Group, we always believe in a Win-Win solution. Clients’ interest and needs are taken care of first, and naturally they will take care of the representative’s interest!

  • Client-centric
  • Competent
  • Ethical
  • Independent
  • Trustworthy
  • Unbiased

Our Team

We may be working independently but the team is ready to support one another in serving all our clients wholeheartedly.

The members of our group are all very gentle in spirit, supportive and encouraging. Hence, this makes our team a very comfortable group to work in. A good friend introduced me to the group and working alongside one's good friend is definitely an added bonus!

We demonstrate kindness and willingness to help each other in any way possible. During my tenure, my cohesive team has no doubt consistently supported me through the ups and downs

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